The African American
Museum of
Bucks County

The Board of Directors of the African American Museum of Bucks County

Linda Salley, President

Bill Reed, Vice President

Nancy Bell, Secretary

Robyn Johnson,
     Correspondence Secretary
Nicole Brown, Treasure

Alonzo Salley,  Assistance Treasure



Harvey Spencer Sr.

Millard Mitchell

Board Members:

Natalie Kaye

Gerlyn Willerford

Mechelle Connors

Deal Wright

The first meeting to initiate plans for a museum began in the fall
of 2013. It all started with
Harvey Spencer, Sr., a Charter Member of AAMBC. Spencer, who has lived in Langhorne Manor for 70 years, and knows quite a bit of history, decided
it was time to collect this
history for posterity.

The AAMBC Board meets monthly.
Our current and most challenging task is the acquisition of a building and in procuring the funds to make this goal
a reality. Strategic plans are in the making for an aggressive building fund.


Board members look forward to the day when our museum doors will open to not only county residents, but to all who want to learn about the history and culture
of African Americans. The more we become familiar with each other's
culture and traditions, helps us to appreciate and understand the
essence of being an America.

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African American Museum of Bucks County, 215 East Richardson Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047